Regardless of the stage of production that your project is in, Jamieson can help it to become tangible. He can jump into the songwriting phase, arranging, coordinating production and see it through to the recording, mixing and mastering. Behind the pen, the keys or the board he can bring it home.

Musical Director

Having acted as the musical director for numerous live bands, from Roxy Especial, Super Karma, Splash, Nica's Dream and more Jamieson has years of practical experience under his belt to know what each gig will require to be successful. Of course, the job of musical director is a deep commitment and is subject to thought out decision making process on a case by case basis.

Piano/Keyboard Player

Playing since his age could be counted on one hand, Jamieson has a rare natural gift that has been honed with many years of study, practice and experience. He is always seeking to understand and master new styles from Jazz to Pop to Latin. Please see Bio for a full resume of playing history.

Musical Educator

Jamieson has taken on a variety of private students from beginners of all ages, practicing professional and actors for movie roles. The only requirement is a certain level of seriousness and dedication. Past students include Val Kilmer, Debra Winger and David Arquette. Recently Jamieson has taken on a more direct role with the musical programs in schools, including directing the choirs of the Wesley Academy, the Lalo Guerrero School of music as well as running an advanced studio recording class three summers running at Luna Records LLC for the Oakwood School. His experience in designing and managing these programs has led to a profound understanding for the role music plays in the developing young people of today.


Making the familiar into something new and vice-versa is a challenging musical task, but one the Jamieson relishes. From re-conceptualizing songs to simply creating highly usable charts Jamieson uses all his experience with music and technology to get arrangments done efficiently and to perfection.