Winkler also has a good ear for talent, so he's working with pianist Jamieson trotter, who arranged most of the tunes. We'll be hearing more about the very talented Trotter in the future.” - Myrna Daniels

— L.A. Jazz Scene

The musicianship is also terrific, with some impressive piano solos that never seem to wander too far off the point and always bring it back home at the right time. " (For the entire article click on the link below)” - JC Chute

keyboardist Jamieson Trotter...whose arrangements make 'cool' and 'swinging' serious understatements..." (For the entire article click on the link below)” - Jonathan Widran

All Music Guide

Jamieson's arrangments are always a unique and fresh take on what can be overly familiar material. His perfomances on stage are a display of 100% commitment, he leaves everything on the stage.” - Tera Bonilla

— Red Loquita

As a singer, I feel completely supported by Jamieson behind the piano. He has an intuitive sense of what I need and is always one step ahead. The consumate professional.” - Maria de la Vega

— Wayward Five

I came in with real rough tracks and a vague idea of what I wanted. Jamieson was real cool about explaining the way the recording process would work and what I should expect. Made the whole experience a blast.” - Jerry Loco

— Luna Records, Recording Client

It's hard to get teenagers excited about summer school, but Jamieson made the kids feel like working adult, studio professionals. Since then many of our students have recorded at Luna Records with Jamieson, because he has a knack for making everybody feel at ease and at their best creatively.” - Ivan Johson, Director - Jazz Department

— Oakwood Academy